Your Corporate Event Checklist

Are you getting back into the swing of things and turning your sights towards upcoming corporate events? Feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of coordinating something massive in the midst of these uncertain times?

It’s never too early to start planning, even if your event is many months away or has been moved entirely online. On that note, the team at Event Lab has put together a handy checklist for corporate event planners in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas. Keep these factors and inventory essentials in mind when preparing for your next product launch, employee award event, or training session.


If your company has had to deal with canceled Minneapolis trade shows, conferences, or other events in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, you may find yourself with more wiggle room and funds to put towards securing the perfect venue or setting up your online event system.

On the flip side of things, if you’re dealing with a much tighter budget, you may need to get a little inventive in order to make the most of your available funds. Remember that, while it may be one of your most rigid constraints, a budget doesn’t have to be the be-all, end-all for your corporate event.

Inspiration and ingenuity will go a long way towards making your St. Paul or Minneapolis event a success. For example, you might find it economically and logistically effective to work with a corporate event planning company that can provide everything from transportation management to catering.


What are all the moving parts that need to flow seamlessly throughout the course of your corporate event? Are employees or clients gathering somewhere in downtown Minneapolis? Will anyone be flying in from elsewhere in the country? Or are you planning to bring everyone together using video conferencing software?

Whatever you choose for your event, you’ll need to ensure things run smoothly. That means everything from ensuring attendees get where they need to go to having a backup plan should you experience technical difficulties.


Your choice of venue can make or break your entire event, particularly as Minnesota continues to mandate certain COVID-19 safety precautions. Will attendees be able to properly social distance, or will you need a larger space than in previous years? Could you host an employee retreat entirely outdoors to better adhere to safety regulations and any employee health concerns?

It’s hard to know what the world will look like in the coming months. If you’d love to take things virtual but worry about the limitations of an online event, we can help. Our event planning experts will work with you to create a virtual experience that will rival an in-person event!


What would any event be without appropriate décor? Not very enjoyable, if you ask us. From tablescapes and linens to backdrops, lighting, and branded props, careful design can tell a compelling story, bring attendees together, and spark inspiration. And that’s all in addition to the very necessary requirements of providing enough seating for your guests!

Not sure how to translate the same elegance or excitement of an in-person Minneapolis or St. Paul meetup to a virtual event? Make it a collaborative effort by challenging presenters and keynote speakers to create an intentional, well-designed backdrop for their talks.


While guests or attendees will only see the magic of a gala, conference, or trade show, an enormous amount of work goes into making Minneapolis events engaging and entertaining. Add to that effortless appearance—and lighten your burden just a bit!—by bringing in a local band, caricature artist, or even a magic act. Quality entertainment will keep your event moving, enhance the mood of attendees, and ensure people stay engaged throughout what may very well be quite a long day.

Post-Event Evaluation

Whether you’re hosting a special one-off conference or planning a yearly corporate retreat, gauging the success of your corporate event is critical to understanding its long-term impact and refining your planning process going forward. You can complete a post-event evaluation in a number of ways, including comparing registration and attendance numbers, sending out a post-event survey, and monitoring social media. Once you have all of your data in front of you, you’ll be able to pick out patterns in both the qualitative and quantitative feedback that will help make your next corporate event that much better.

Let Us Assist with Your Minneapolis or St. Paul Event!

Corporate event planners in Minneapolis and St. Paul have their work cut out for them; the Twin Cities are vibrant destinations filled with plenty to do, but ongoing safety concerns are limiting those activities and forcing planners to think outside of the box. If you’d like some support in your endeavors to pull off a corporate event that your coworkers will never forget, we’re your perfect partner.

The event planning experts at Event Lab can handle everything from venue booking to themed décor to entertainment. And if you’re taking things online, we can ensure things go off without a hitch there, too! We recently partnered with AVEX to create a customizable virtual event platform, and we’re eager to design a unique online experience for your guests. Reach out today to tell us about your corporate event, and we’ll work with you to make it a success.

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