What Clients Need to Know About Planning an Event During a Pandemic

While events are certainly back and seem to be here to stay, the event industry has been completely overhauled and forced to pivot to maintain a presence in the industry, while more importantly keeping clients and their guests safe. Generally, most in-person events are still encouraging attendees to be vaccinated, mask up, and/or maintain social distancing. But these events are happening regardless, and they are happening quicker than event planners and the supply chain can keep up with.

COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Supply Chain

What clients need to know before planning an event is that COVID-19 not only had a severe impact on the healthcare system but the general supply chain as a whole. As most organizations had to downsize due to the lack of business during the pandemic, staffing shortages are now the biggest issue for many companies and the shortage is affecting just about everything. 

Despite the fact that many companies were fortunate to survive, they are still facing slow regrowth and current employees being stretched thin. For example, things that could typically be ordered and shipped in two days are sometimes taking weeks; events that typically could be set up in two hours with a full roster, are now taking four hours with a slim roster. 

If It Affects the Supply Chain, It Affects Your Event

Consequently, shortages in staff and materials affect demand across many industries, but especially all sects of manufacturing. And as manufacturing goes, so does the supply chain. Reuters reported this spring that lead times for some manufacturing companies are the longest they’ve been in 35 years.

These matters trickle down and branch out, influencing other industries, and now event planners must keep supply chain delays in mind when planning events for their clients. A material shortage in Product X will affect Service Y. And a shortage in employees at Service Z means deliverables, whether related to catering, décor, or entertainment, are much less predictable for planners whose very livelihood relies on the efficiency of this complex system. 

An Experienced Team Offering Dynamic Event Planning Services

On top of the tough logistics, planners now not only need to think about how to dress a table, but also how to dress up an ugly hand sanitizer station and maintain venue rules or government-imposed compliances. 

That said, we understand your event has certain needs. It’s our passion to help you plan a memorable experience, and our planners are chock-full with creative solutions. But we do ask for a little patience as we, and the resources we depend on, navigate the challenges of the times in an ever-changing industry. 

If you have questions about event planning, give us a call or send us an email. 


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