Making Your Corporate March Basketball Experience in Minneapolis Unforgettable

March Basketball Championship

Treating your clients to a trip to the March basketball championship can be an unforgettable experience for both you and them. The host city is bustling – and excitement runs through the air as the last four teams in college basketball battle it out for the championship title. Not only can you provide your clients with great basketball entertainment, but you can also introduce them to the sights and sounds of the city.

Minneapolis – St. Paul provides the perfect backdrop for the 2019 March basketball championships with lively culture and a variety of restaurants, theater, and music. Hiring an event planner will ensure your company can provide the premier March basketball experience for your customers, also giving you time to relax and enjoy the excursion. Read on for the primary techniques an event planning company can use to take your clients’ experience above and beyond their expectations.


Airport travel is always stressful, and it only becomes worse during times when the city of Minneapolis is busy with sporting events. One vital service your event planner can provide for your guests is easy transportation. Event Lab schedules all transportation to and from the airport and hotel, allowing your guests to seamlessly attend different events without worrying about how to get there. Simple and convenient transportation from the airport is your first chance to impress your clients and set the tone for the great experience ahead.

In addition to travel from the airport, providing your guests with transportation from their hotel to events around the city and the championship game will ease their minds. By utilizing an event planner, you’ll work with someone who regularly schedules transportation in Minneapolis – St. Paul for large groups and can pinpoint exactly what you will need.

Exploring The Twin Cities

When your clients arrive in Minneapolis – St. Paul for the March basketball championships, they’ll be looking forward to a complete experience for the duration of the trip—not just during the sporting event. An experienced event planner like Event Lab can identify and arrange other local activities to entertain your guests. From selecting unique restaurants for group dinners and premium happy hour locations to scheduling iconic Minneapolis – St. Paul experiences, an event planner can ensure the entire trip is full of memorable activities. Your event planner has the best knowledge of new and trendy destinations in the Twin Cities and can assist with the transportation between these activities—allowing you to show off the best these cities have to offer.

Hospitality Suites

Outside of the local events your clients will be attending, they may be spending quite a bit of time networking at their hotel. To provide a top-notch experience, many companies will choose to host a hospitality suite at their hotel that is branded and offers a place for networking and refreshments. As this suite becomes the hub of your trip, it’s necessary for it to be well-designed and equipped with decor that fit your brand. High-end event planners often bring in custom-designed furniture, lighting, and decor to freshen up a typical hotel conference room to an executive suite for your guests. The execution of a beautiful hospitality suite can truly transform your guests’ experience and show them how much you value their business.

Play Ball with Event Lab

Working with Event Lab can help take your guests on a unique journey they’ll never forget. Our expert designers and event planners will work with you to customize the perfect experience from start to finish. Contact us today to get started.

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