Why You Need an Event Planner

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People often underestimate all that goes into planning and executing a successful event – until they’ve been tasked with doing so themselves. It then becomes clear how much time, effort, and poise is required to organize an event that every attendee will remember for years to come. This realization has seen event management grow rapidly as an industry and a career path as the demands and expenses of modern occasions have become more extravagant. Here’s a breakdown of the four main reasons you need an event planner to help make sure your next gathering is a long-lasting success.

Reduced stress

Event management is one of the most stressful jobs a person can have nowadays, and people who have professionally planned events will understand why. There are so many aspects that go into an event that even the slightest mistake or slip-up can have catastrophic results. From sending invitations and managing guest lists to organizing caterers and audio/visual equipment, there is an overwhelming array of tasks to stay on top of both prior to and during a large event. Event planners are experienced in anticipating problems and assessing issues through every stage of the process, also ensuring solutions are found quickly if anything should arise. You should let the pros handle these stresses so you can focus on enjoying the event and making sure your guests do the same.

Improved budgeting

Event planners are experienced in understanding what kind of budget is needed for your specific event based on goals and parameters and can set proper expectations of what is possible. They also know how to save money in certain areas and can provide you with the best overall event at the lowest cost. Maybe you can save money by going with a different caterer or by beginning your event an hour earlier. These are the kinds of things you might not catch – but a professional will. It might seem less expensive to plan your event on your own, but a planner’s ability to find the best options and negotiate better deals will more than make up for that notion. Many event planners also get discounts based on strong or longstanding relationships with certain vendors.

More effective time management          

Given all that goes into planning an event, it is incredibly difficult to do so while also working a separate full-time job. Leave these tasks to the professional planners – it’s their full-time job. The deadlines of your event are rigid, not flexible or “ballpark” estimates. Pushing timelines back even an hour can throw off the entire event and lead to a negative experience for your attendees. You need someone who knows how to manage time and people to keep everyone on a timeline. In many cases, it takes an experienced pro to keep everyone on schedule and to ensure the event goes smoothly from setup to teardown. Event planners know how to make this happen.

Increase profitability

If the goal of your event is to hit a certain business or fundraising quota, a planner will help you get there. Your important team members should be mingling and making good impressions during the occasion, not worrying about and managing event logistics. Some planners are also skilled in helping promote events to ensure maximum attendance and a favorable response from all your guests.

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