Super Bowl Inspiration for Your Basketball Championship Event

In recent years, Minneapolis has gained renown as a top sports venue. From championship golf tournaments to last year’s Super Bowl to the fast-approaching March basketball championship, more and more businesses are choosing to send clients to attend these sporting events.

Creating the best travel experience for your clients, though, relies on expert planning, design, branding, and logistical arrangements. The easiest way to impress your clients is by working with a corporate event planning company experienced in hosting these types of sporting events.

Inspiration from the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl flooded the city of Minneapolis with people, and many companies leapt at the opportunity to bring clients to the exciting game. Event Lab was brought on to turn a football championship into an impactful experience for these clients.

Designing and creating beautiful events, from unique, custom lighting to decor and activities, truly took the attendees’ breath away. These events can provide great inspiration for your upcoming March basketball championship trip.

Super Bowl party lighting
Custom Lighting

Whether you’d like to provide a hospitality suite for your guests to network or host a late-night lounge party, custom lighting can make all the difference in the atmosphere. Event Lab has a warehouse full of lighting options and can help you design the perfect ambiance for your event. The experienced design specialists can even design custom lighting options if you have a specific vision in mind.

Fresh Floral

Floral decor always takes your hospitality suite or event to another level of sophistication. An event specialist can make recommendations for what types of floral decor would fit your event best and be widely available during the March basketball championship. Event Lab ensures that you have the freshest flowers available with coordinated pick-ups and deliveries of your floral decor.

Super Bowl party furniture

Styled Furniture

The seating your provide guests can make a sizeable impact on their experience and how they’ll interact with other guests. No matter the theme or ambiance of your event or hospitality suite, Even Lab can supply furniture that fits your style. Your event specialist will help you select the perfect statement furniture pieces for your guests’ comfort and tastes from our massive selection of beautiful, unique event furniture.

Trust Experienced Planners with your March Basketball Event

Event Lab’s experience in planning corporate events for top Minneapolis sporting events makes your job easy! We have the know-how and design expertise to create a beautiful, unique corporate event for your clients. Contact us today to get started.

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