How to Incorporate Branding into Your Corporate Event

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Finding imaginative ways to incorporate branding into a corporate event creates an engaging and memorable experience for your attendees. Whether you’re hosting an employee award event, a client appreciation gala, or a product launch, paying attention to the details goes a long way.

Incorporating branding throughout a corporate event can help to:

  • demonstrate the company culture
  • increase brand awareness
  • strengthen the team bond
  • win over new customers
  • strengthen the loyalty of existing customers 
  • generate referrals

Branded events give people the chance to directly interact with a brand and enjoy a fully immersive experience. Consistency is key — from your colors to your fonts, logos, and imagery.

Not only is branding important for the host company, but also for any sponsors at an event that want recognition.

Some areas to think about when designing a branded event include:

  • digital and social media
  • entrances and stages/presentation areas
  • lounging/mingling areas and bars
  • tables and food

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Digital and social media

Even before your event begins, your branding should be infused into invitations (printed and/or digital) and any other promotional materials for your event such as email blasts, an event registration website, and social media posts or videos about the event.

Consider creating a hashtag for the event and encourage attendees to share photos with the hashtag on social media. 

Speaking of photos, setting up one or more areas for photo ops with a branded backdrop will encourage guests to take photos. Hiring a photographer will add that extra touch to create a VIP experience.

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Entrances and stages/presentation areas

From the moment people set foot into your event they should be engulfed in a cohesive and attractive environment.

Your entrance is a high-profile area. Think about signage (welcome and directional), banners, and sculptural pieces such as columns or arches.

Your stage or presentation area is the perfect spot for a big impact using lighting, backdrops, and branded podiums. Your company logo can be projected onto a stage backdrop and/or walls throughout the event.

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Lounging/mingling areas and bars

These social spaces can pack a big brand punch with a wide variety of elements that seamlessly integrate with one another.

For lounging or mingling areas where attendees will congregate, brandable furniture including accent pieces such as pillows and lampshades add a nice touch. Floor graphics work well in these areas, in front of bar stations, or on dance floors.

Bar and food stations can incorporate branded bar fronts, backdrops, and details like branded cocktail napkins. You might even want to create a signature drink or two for the event. 

Events Forum Pepsi Ice candle & flowers centerpiece

Tables and food

Your tables and even the food should not be overlooked as part of the experience. Table cloths and napkins, table top graphics, menus, and centerpieces can all incorporate your branding with colors, logos, or appropriate messaging.

If you have swag bags or small gifts such as candy or mints, these items as well as their packaging are the perfect way for guests to take a piece of the event (and your brand) home with them.

Incorporating your brand into the food may sound impossible, but a signature dish, an edible logo on a desert, or subtly branded plates or glasses are all imaginative ways to do just that.

Bringing it all together

Designing a corporate event that weaves your branding throughout is not just about splashing your logo on every open surface. An expert design team can help you plan a tasteful and immersive experience that seamlessly combines all of these elements.

The award-winning team at Event Lab can help you bring it all together for the perfect corporate event. Contact us today to get started!

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