7 Types of Wedding Venues Minneapolis Brides Can Fall in Love With

Decorated reception tables in an upscale room with chandeliers

Weddings are one of our favorite events to work on because each one is so special and unique.

Whether you’re planning on a small, intimate affair or a guest list to rival the royal wedding, you should start laying the groundwork for a truly memorable event early on.

Selecting a venue is one of the first items to cross off your wedding to-do list (right after hiring a top-notch event planner, of course!). Thinking of a dreamy outdoor affair? Maybe an ultra-trendy soirée in an industrial space? Whatever you’re envisioning, you can find a wedding venue that matches your personality.

Here are 7 Twin Cities wedding venue ideas to spark some personalized inspo for your big day. 

Outdoor/rustic wedding venues

Minnesota is full of natural beauty, so why not take advantage of that when selecting a space? Nature lovers can find a plethora of options for outdoor or rustic wedding venues. Think about spaces like:

  • Barn
  • Park or garden
  • Vineyard
  • Orchard

Venue tip: Even though these spaces boast lots of room, you might need a tent in case of bad weather. Make sure there is plenty of flat ground that can hold a tent the size you need. A generator might also be necessary for all the electrical needs.

Historic wedding venues

Many wedding venues in Saint Paul — and all over Minnesota — are steeped in enough history to satisfy the historian in all of us. Options range from mansions to government buildings and more. The choices are almost endless, but consider:

  • Museum of history or scienceWedding processional in a modern, white museum with two-story ceiling
  • Mansion or historic home
  • Library or cultural center
  • Government building

Venue tip: Be sure to think about the lighting in these types of venues. Older buildings do not have the ambient light of modern buildings. It is often dim, so additional lighting is essential.

Hip/trendy wedding venues

For those craving a thoroughly cosmopolitan affair, there are numerous wedding venues in and around Minneapolis that can deliver. Refurbished spaces and converted buildings offer an open space and a blank slate for your imagination to go wild. Spaces include:

  • Converted factory
  • Refurbished warehouse
  • Downtown loft

Venue tip: Refurbished spaces can be fun, but make sure safety codes are met. Also, these types of venues often do not have all the tables, chairs, linens, and other essential equipment you’ll need, so this must be a consideration for the budget.

Swanky wedding venues

A wedding is a momentous event, and some couples desire an opulent and luxurious space to match. If you want a little pomp and circumstance, venues range from historic to natural to traditional, but some classic swanky options include:

  • Country clubTall orange centerpieces in an upscale venue
  • Yacht or riverboat
  • Banquet hall or ballroom

Venue tip: Check to see how much privacy you will have at these places. If the venue has multiple rooms, they will want to sell their other spaces as well as yours. You don’t want guests roaming into the wrong event!

Cultured wedding venues

For artists or lovers of the arts, tying the knot in a space of cultural relevance can be a dream come true. This can extend to places like libraries and cultural centers, but venues to really hone in on are:

  • Art museum
  • Theater (stage or movie)
  • Concert venue or orchestra hall

Venue tip: Museums are beautiful for weddings, but they have very limited hours for outside vendors to set up and take down the event. It may take more labor to set up your ceremony/reception at a faster pace — or you could pay the venue for each extra hour. Many public venues require union labor. If this is the case, budget accordingly.

Quirky/nontraditional wedding venues

Whether you’re a child at heart, love to think outside the box, or just march to the beat of your own drum, there are plenty of quirky or nontraditional venues to pick from. These spaces could center around a hobby you both enjoy or a favorite place to visit such as:

  • Brewery or distillery
  • Zoo or aquarium
  • Theme park

Venue tip:  When considering public attractions, consider printing maps for parking and directions to the space. Breweries are fun if you are leaning toward the casual, no-frills wedding — just make sure the food choices are up to par for a wedding.

Traditional wedding venues

There are of course many beautiful options to choose from for traditionalists, both religious and secular. If you’re been dreaming of a traditional affair for your special day, consider a:

  • Place of worshipColorful flower arrangements secured to the side of church pews
  • Hotel or banquet hall
  • Restaurant

Venue tip:  Good acoustics are essential at venues like these. You want to make sure guests hear your vows at the ceremony and toasts at the reception. Make sure there are ample outlets for speakers, lighting, the band, and food stations.

Additional venue considerations

Think about the number of guests who will attend your wedding. The perfect venue may be too big, too small, or out of your price range.

You should always look at the venue in person, but online photos can also show you what other brides have done in the space. A blank room can open the mind to possibilities, but consider looking at the space when it is full of tables, chairs, bars, a dance floor, and buffet stations.

Plan Your Dream Wedding

There are literally hundreds of gorgeous and unique wedding venues in and around the Twin Cities. Instead of trying to sift through all of them on your own, let our experienced event planning team help you find the perfect venue for your dream wedding.

We know all the local venues and have many long-standing relationships with vendors. Contact us today and tell us what you’re envisioning — we’ll help you make it a reality.

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