3 Creative Corporate Event Theme Ideas for 2019

Art decco party in black and gold

Corporate events have evolved over the years from drab to fab. The days of simply renting a beige banquet hall, hiring a caterer, and calling it good are all but dead.

Modern businesses are creating immersive event experiences that are special, fun, and memorable.

It all starts with a great theme that you can incorporate throughout your event from the invitations to the space, décor, food, and more. Here are 3 creative theme ideas for your corporate event that we anticipate will be huge in 2019.

Comic book-themed standing throw game


This theme started gaining some popularity outside of children’s parties thanks to the prevalence of movies based on Marvel and DC Comics. It’s a great way to add bright colors and a lighthearted atmosphere to your event for team building, networking, appreciation events, or a fundraiser.

Encourage your team to dress in costumes of their favorite superheroes (or villains!) and let their inner children loose with games, a photo booth, or maybe even a caricature artist. 

Essentia Glow Room Orange

Glow Party

This theme is all about featuring LED lighting for a dramatic effect, but it goes far beyond venue lighting. Adding LED furniture pieces, table décor, and accents to bar or food stations creates an otherworldly ambiance that’s both fun and swanky.

This versatile idea can be a theme itself or become the basis of several other theme ideas such as intergalactic party. An LED theme can serve as a lively event for your employees or an upscale client appreciation event.

Gatsby room

Retro Glam

Hollywood Regency (sometimes referred to as Hollywood’s Golden Age) immediately comes to mind for a retro glam theme. If you want classic style and elegance this is hard to beat. This theme is great for award ceremonies, employee or client appreciation events, or company milestone celebrations.

Other retro glam themes that we predict will take off in 2019 include art nouveau, art deco, and mid-century modern. Mixing time periods will also come into play to create a textured and visually interesting look.

3 Quick Tips for Selecting Your Corporate Event Theme.

  1. Start with the purpose of your event and let that inspire your theme (and everything else).
  2. Consider your audience for the event and what theme will be appropriate for them.
  3. Select your theme before you select a venue to ensure it will support the theme.

Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself!

Event Lab has been doing corporate events for 25 years. We’re experts in handling everything from planning through execution — no detail is overlooked.

We’re your single source guide for selecting a theme, finding a venue, planning your menu, designing the décor, and more. 

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